Can I Contribute to a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA at the Same Time?

Both the Traditional IRA and the Roth IRA can be great tools for tax-advantaged retirement savings. So can you contribute to both at the same time?

Michael Reynolds | September 19, 2022

How to Use a Donor Advised Fund In Your Financial Plan

A Donor Advised Fund can offer many benefits and is worth exploring for those interested in long-term charitable giving.

Michael Reynolds | September 9, 2022

Does Socially Responsible Investing, ESG, and Impact Investing Really Make a Difference?

SRI/ESG/Impact investing is nuanced, complicated, and can be somewhat confusing. It can also be controversial. While there are many advocates for this way of investing, there are also plenty of detractors who claim that it’s simply “virtue signaling” or that it doesn’t make a difference.

Michael Reynolds, CSRIC® | June 17, 2022

My Favorite Easy-to-Launch Service Business Ideas

One of the best ways to improve your financial situation is to increase your income. We often think about cutting expenses first but this can be very difficult. Cutting expenses is a great place to start but there is only so much you can do.

Michael Reynolds, CSRIC® | April 19, 2022

Why I Don't Own a Credit Card

I don't own a credit card and I haven't since 2009. I know, I'm a total weirdo and most people can't understand how I can function as a human on planet Earth without credit cards. After all, 83% of people aged 30 - 49 own a credit card and over half the households in the U.S. carry credit card debt so I must be missing out, right?

Michael Reynolds, CSRIC® | August 17, 2021

How I Approach Investing With My Clients

In addition to financial planning and financial coaching, a significant portion of my work with my clients is investment management. A lot goes into this, including assessing risk and time horizon, choosing suitable investments, monitoring those investments, rebalancing, and keeping investments aligned with my clients throughout their lives.

Michael Reynolds, CSRIC® | May 7, 2021

Ways to Guide Your Money Toward Supporting Black Lives

Recent events in the U.S. have caused many to pay closer attention to the racial issues and inequalities that still plague our nation. I believe that most rational people agree that we still a long way to go when it comes to racial justice and equality.

Michael Reynolds, CSRIC® | January 8, 2021

How I Organize My Bank Accounts (A Blueprint for Structured Banking)

If I were to ask you what the most important factors are in determining how successful you are with money, what would come to mind? Picking the right investments? Getting out of debt? Saving money?

Michael Reynolds, CSRIC® | August 27, 2020

Starry-eyed About Real Estate Investing? Here's a Dose of Reality.

It seems like everyone has a friend who is “into real estate”. As we walk the path of building wealth, investing in assets that produce a return is a key tenet. There is more than one way to invest and real estate seems to be a popular choice for many.

Michael Reynolds, CSRIC® | August 4, 2020