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Financial Planning & Business Coaching (for clients who own a business)

$1500 startup + $125/month

You work hard, maybe even at more than one business. But while you’re distracted by all the minutiae of managing life and business, your personal finances are drifting through life without a plan. Get your financial household in order and creates a map to your goals with action steps along the way.

We start with a planning project and then move to an ongoing retainer to help keep you accountable and work together on long-terms goals and challenges like:

  • Budgeting and cash-flow planning
  • Adopting FinTech
  • Retirement planning
  • College planning
  • Career coaching
  • Business mentoring, coaching and consulting
  • Operational money organization
  • Tax planning
  • Launching/growing a business
  • Debt elimination
  • Insurance planning and protection
  • Buying and/or selling a business
  • Lifestyle goals and planning
  • Giving and philanthropy
  • Investing
  • Relating with money
  • All Advisory services described below

The scope and structure of this service includes:

  • Initial planning project to establish objectives and organize roadmap
  • Scheduled and paced strategy sessions focused on moving objectives forward
  • Unlimited additional on-demand strategy sessions
  • Accountability and mentoring
  • Real-time financial data sharing and updating of financial plan (see video)

Advisory Services (for clients who do not own a business)

Work with us to select the right tools for your savings and get support and advisory services to manage your investments.

The scope and structure of this service includes:

  • Annual strategy meeting
  • Periodic portfolio rebalancing and monitoring
  • Unlimited on-demand 30-minute financial advisory calls throughout the year

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