Flat-fee Fiduciary Financial Planning & ESG Investing

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Modern, Non-stuffy and High-tech

We believe everyone deserves access to professional financial advice. No minimums, no judgment, and no jargon. And you can meet with us from the comfort of your own home via video conferencing and paperless systems.

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A Progressive Financial Partner

You don't just want financial advice. You want a simple experience. You want high-tech virtual access that works around your schedule. And you want your money to make a positive impact in your life, in your community, and in the world.

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E170: What Does it Mean to "Pay Yourself First?"

So what does it mean to pay yourself first and more importantly, is it a good idea?

E169: What is an Investment Policy Statement?

So how necessary is an Investment Policy Statement? While it’s not mission-critical, it does provide a valuable framework that can make larger impacts as time goes on. In serving the purpose of creating guidelines for both you and your financial advisor for investing, I would not underestimate the value it can have.

E168: How to Create a Transfer on Death Deed for Your Home

A Transfer on Death Deed can be used to designate a beneficiary for your house. So what is the advantage of setting up a Transfer on Death Deed for your house and how does it work?

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