You say that you primarily work with entrepreneurs. How do you define “entrepreneur”?

Great question! I define “entrepreneur” as someone who is starting, has started, or is thinking of starting a business and does so for the purpose gaining more freedom and income and improving their lifestyle.

I typically don’t work with owners of huge companies. My clients are often solo business owners or they may have a handful of team members. They are often starting and running virtual businesses that use technology and the internet to deliver service.

I love working with entrepreneurs because I am one! I’ve been starting and growing businesses since 1996. Entrepreneurs are “my people”.

While the core of what I do is financial planning, I also bundle in business coaching as part of my service which is why I work well with entrepreneurs.

So I’m not an entrepreneur. I have a regular job and I’m not interested in starting a business. Will you still work with me?

Sure! I will work with anyone who is interested. My messaging and brand is built around entrepreneurs but if you’re ok with that and you still want to work with me, I’m all for it.

How long have you been practicing?

I have been working in the financial services industry since 2014.

Do I have to be in your area or can you work with me remotely?

You’re in luck! I only work remotely. I work with clients anywhere in the U.S. through video conferencing and other internet-based systems. This allows us to be as efficient as possible and avoid unnecessary travel time.

Is there a minimum amount of money I have to have to work with you?

Nope! We will start with where you are. As long as you are comfortable paying the published fees for the service you need, we can work together.

Are you a fiduciary fee-only advisor?


Where is my money held if I work with you?

My clients' investments are held with TD Ameritrade. You will have full online access and a mobile app to access your accounts.

What if I decide to stop working with you? How to I transfer my money?

While I certainly want to invest in long-term relationships with my clients, you are always in control of your money. Your money is held with TD Ameritrade which is a mainstream "open architecture" custodian. You have the option to stop working with me any time and you can continue to access your money or move it wherever you want.

I really just need help with my investments and some general advice. Can I do advisory only?

Yes. If that's a better model for you and you don't need active financial planning or business coaching, you can do advisory only which is simply billed as a percentage of assets under management (AUM). You can always upgrade to full active planning later if you want to.

What is your stance on Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)?

I feel that SRI is continually evolving and I make an effort to favor SRI funds when making recommendations. While other factors may outweigh SRI in many cases, it is an important consideration to me when building portfolios for my clients. I favor funds that have mandates that include fossil free, tobacco free, weapons free, gender diversity and or deforestation free.

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