About Elevation Financial

An independent, fee-only, fiduciary RIA

Elevation Financial is led and owned by me, Michael Reynolds, CSRIC®.

I'm an independent financial advisor and owner of Elevation Financial.

I'm a parallel entrepreneur and former digital marketing agency owner. After owning a digital agency for 23 years, I founded and co-founded four new businesses (including Elevation Financial) from 2015 to 2019. I sold my agency in 2018 to focus on my new ventures and grow my advisory firm.

While owning an agency was fun and (mostly/sometimes/maybe) rewarding, I developed a strong desire to help people win with money.

I believe that it's fundamentally important to learn to take control of your money because money touches every part of our lives and is the foundation that supports and empowers our life decisions both large and small.

I also believe that financial education and coaching should be accessible to everyone which is why I've designed my firm with no minimums, allowing you to work with me no matter what phase of your financial journey you are in and from anywhere in the U.S.

I host a weekly personal finance podcast called Wealth Redefined® which can be found whenever you listen to podcasts.

I'm a sushi lover, Star Trek nerd and firmly in defense of one space after a period.

Read more about our philosophy and investment thesis as a firm.



  • Trying 17 different apps to solve a problem and then using none of them
  • Choosing the perfect stock photo for any occasion


  • Losing all ability to type when someone is watching

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