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Achieving Mental and Emotional Resilience as a Business Owner

  • What are common obstacles faced by entrepreneurs?
    • Business language learning (passionate about product but what are the actual nuts and bolts).
    • Under prepared for the stress associated with being an entrepreneur
    • Associating personal identity with work or product (taking business decisions personally)
    • Trying to do it all themselves
  • How to develop resilience as a skill
    • What is your WHY and anchoring efforts to that? (why is what you’re doing so important to you; emotional experience
    • Stress is just stress; not inherently good or bad, its a cue/trigger that causes you to act
    • Shift from results focused to process oriented (allows work not to be tied to a result, which is could be beyond your control and places value on the effort to deliver a great product or company.
    • Pre-Mortem or Goal Sparring (planning for the worst case scenarios and developing a plan around those possible outcomes; acknowledging that there is a potential negative outcome; its not the boogie man and hope isn’t a plan)
    • Breathe (specifically breathing routine)
    • Replace Positive with Effective
    • YES and...using improv comedy to help you maintain positive and creative.
  • How to maintain resilience
    • Break the Negativity Loop or Downward Spiral (interrupt negative loop after an experience)
    • Creative/Challenging Outlet (GRIT research on extracurriculars)
    • Reading/Listening
    • Journaling
    • Physical & Mental Health (Take care of your being)

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