E18: What is Financial Coaching?

Aug 28, 2019

A financial plan is great. But what happens next? Without accountability and motivation, it can be difficult to stay focused on your goals. Financial coaching can help you implement your plan and move forward. And it can make a huge difference in how money works in your life.

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What is Financial Coaching?

  • Financial planning is the roadmap and tactics
  • Financial coaching is the knowledge, accountability and motivation to make it happen
  • Financial coaching is adaptable to different personality styles
  • Examples:
    • Relating with money
    • Overcoming debt
    • Making good decisions around large purchases such as home or vehicle
    • College planning and student loans
    • Estate planning
    • Choosing the right kinds of insurance
    • Retirement and investing
    • Budgeting and cash flow planning
  • Financial planning is important, without coaching it can be difficult to implement

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