Your Money Questions Answered at #XYPNLive

Panel: Michael Reynolds (Elevation Financial), Angie Furubotten-LaRosee (Avea Financial Planning), Bobby Matson (Payitoff), Ian Bloom (Open World Financial Life Planning) and Cynthia Meyer (Real Life Planning).


  • Ricky: If I have $100, what should I do with it?
  • Stacey: Student loans. I have over 100k in student loans. Some are Perkins and the others are part of the government plan at 7% interest, which if I would be working for a non-profit or state agency would be eligible for repayment (although the forgiveness program is in shambles at the moment). Is there a way to consolidate these loans, or a process to pay them off?
  • Ricky: I’m 36. I have a Roth. I have a myriad of other investments. What is the best thing to do with extra funds to ensure the highest rate of return?
  • Ricky: Individual stocks... yes or no?
  • Ricky: Should I pay someone to tell me what to do with my money?
  • Ricky: At 40 years old, what is the average net worth? What is a good net worth?
  • Tim: I believe I suffer from career ADHD. I constantly find myself pursuing a different interesting possibility before the previous one has manifested into reality. I'm holding out for the dream of a membership site for which people are happy to pay a monthly fee. My current business plan for producing video and audio podcast interviews for a fee is most interesting to me, at the moment, and one podcast holds promise for a future membership site. However, I'm also enjoying the moment-to-moment real-world work that I get at my part-time job opening up a golf course in the mornings. Is there a way to ensure that I keep that business project alive while I do the part-time hourly gig?
  • Ashley: What do you think the mindset is when you have the “entrepreneurial spirit?”
  • Ashley: In general, how much money is needed to start a small business? (This is broad, but answer could be specific)

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