Using Science to Make Better Money Decisions (with Tyler Ludlow)

Guest: Tyler Ludlow
Business: Decision Skills Institute
Bio: After earning a degree in Applied Math and an MBA, Tyler studied Decision Science at Stanford University. He then spent a decade mastering its application at Global 500 companies, leading decisions for global product launches, $750M investments, and more. As the "Robin Hood" of decision science, he now brings the best-kept decision-making secrets to business leaders and individuals everywhere. Tyler’s best decisions were marrying his wife and having their nine children. Together they enjoy the outdoors – hiking, backpacking, rafting, etc.

  • Background on Tyler
  • Example scenarios
    • How can decision science be applied to money decisions?
    • What are some example scenarios in which decision science can be applied?
      • Should I buy a house or rent?
    • Should I keep my job or start a business?
  • Free resources at GetToDecide.com.

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