Guest: Mark Maurer
Business: LLIS
Website: https://llis.com
Bio: Sometimes tradition is a good thing. Mark Maurer is living proof. Mark joined LLIS in 2003, assumed the role of president in 2008, and CEO in January 2013. As the son of insurance experts, Keith and Judith Maurer, Mark grew up in the insurance industry and has an impressive combination of education and mentoring. He constantly monitors the insurance and financial services industries and, under his leadership, LLIS continues to expand its portfolio of solutions and services. Mark’s dedication, along with his unique industry perspective, education, and experience, allow him to build upon the LLIS traditions of cutting-edge information and customer service that fee-only financial advisors and their clients have relied upon since 1992.

Three Mistakes You’re Probably Making with Life Insurance

  • Background on Mark
  • Three common life insurance mistakes
    • Under-insuring
    • Buying life insurance through work
    • Buying cash-value life insurance when you don’t need it
  • Closing question: what does “wealth” mean to you?

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