E73: You're Making Other People Rich (with Ryan Sterling)

Sep 23, 2020

So many of us struggle with money and even more struggle to truly understand and define what wealth really means to them. And that's why Ryan Sterling wrote a book about it. Ryan is a friend of the show and a dynamic speaker, author, and financial advisor and joins this episode to share insights from his new book, "You're Making Other People Rich."

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Guest: Ryan Sterling
Business: Future You Wealth
Website: www.futureyouwealth.com and www.ryansterling.com
Bio: Ryan Sterling is the founder of Future You Wealth. He is a holistic wealth coach, speaker, and published author of “You’re Making Other People Rich”. Over the past few years, He has been featured in Business Insider, CNN Money, and HuffPost, discussing his knowledge of building wealth. As a financial advisor, he challenges and inspires people to get real about their life, guiding them to make the necessary changes and defining what wealth truly means to them. As a part of that mission, he has taken years of formal training, setbacks, life lessons, successes, and used his own life reinvention to fuel simple yet effective lessons to help anyone live a life of true abundance and wellness.

You're Making Other People Rich

  • Background on Ryan and the book
  • How you’re being exploited
  • Attachment
  • Money as a resource
  • Gamification of spending
    • “No spending” day
    • Cash week
    • Happy hour month
    • “Just say no” month
  • Closing question: what does “wealth” mean to you?

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