Secure Your Life With a Personal Cybersecurity Audit

  • Don’t write passwords down
  • Use a password manager like LastPass
  • Audit/change your passwords (longer is better)
  • Don’t use the same password on multiple sites
  • Lock your phone and set it to erase after 10 failed attempts
  • Set your phone to delete messages after a certain amount of time — I’ve set mine to delete messages after 30 days, in Settings -> Messages -> Keep Messages (set to 30 days).
  • Keep credit/debit cards concealed until purchase (people taking photos)
  • Be vigilant for skimmers
  • Use a VPN on public networks (Hotspot Shield)
  • Buy a shredder and shred all sensitive documents after scanning them and storing them securely
  • Keep software up to date (OS, web browsers, etc.)
  • Enroll in identity theft protection (LifeLock, Zander, etc.)
  • Activate 2-step verification on all accounts (email, social media, banking, etc.)
  • Use a strong password on your computer and set a screensaver lock after 15 minutes
  • Turn on disk encryption
  • Don’t send sensitive information over email (use something like Sendinc.com)
  • Limit Facebook posts to only be seen by friends
  • Check the business pages you have access to. If you still have access to pages you are not currently involved with, remove yourself from the admin access to remove yourself as a potential source of security breach for the page.
  • Review the third-party apps that are authorized to access your social accounts. Remove the ones that are no longer needed.
  • Back up your data (Backblaze)
  • The browsing history and cookies in your browser can sometimes be a security risk. It’s a good practice to clear these regularly.
  • Be alert for phishing
  • Use a budget tracking tool like YNAB

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