Three Automations to Improve the Flow of Money in Your Life

There are three primary areas of money that I’ve found to be most effective to automate. If you set up automatic recurring transfers in these key areas, you will be on your way to enjoying much more financial stability and lower stress.

Michael Reynolds | February 9, 2023

What Does it Mean to "Pay Yourself First?"

So what does it mean to pay yourself first and more importantly, is it a good idea?

Michael Reynolds | February 2, 2023

Should I Put My Emergency Fund in I Bonds?

While they don’t really make sense as an investment (since the interest rate is not designed to outpace inflation), I Bonds can serve as a vehicle for others parts of your financial plan, including your emergency fund.

Michael Reynolds | January 31, 2023

What is an Investment Policy Statement?

So how necessary is an Investment Policy Statement? While it’s not mission-critical, it does provide a valuable framework that can make larger impacts as time goes on. In serving the purpose of creating guidelines for both you and your financial advisor for investing, I would not underestimate the value it can have.

Michael Reynolds | January 26, 2023

How to Create a Transfer on Death Deed for Your Home

A Transfer on Death Deed can be used to designate a beneficiary for your house. So what is the advantage of setting up a Transfer on Death Deed for your house and how does it work?

Michael Reynolds | January 19, 2023

My Three Words for 2023

At the beginning of each year, I choose three words to set the direction for the year. Here are my three words for 2023 and insights to help you use this exercise to find success and fulfillment in your own life.

Michael Reynolds | January 11, 2023

Basic Estate Documents Everyone Should Have

A complete estate plan includes a few key documents that work together to make sure your money and property gets passed on the way you want and your medical and financial affairs are taken care of if you can't take care of them yourself.

Michael Reynolds | December 16, 2022

A Roundup of End of Year Financial Planning Items

So what are some “money” areas to focus on as we approach the end of the year?

Michael Reynolds | December 6, 2022

Updates to Contribution Limits and Other Important Numbers for 2023

This is not an exhaustive list of 2023 changes (see the download for more) but it does highlight the most commonly-used numbers when making retirement account contributions and tax planning.

Michael Reynolds | November 22, 2022